Survey 2017 Preview

Attention Akima Global Services Employees
It’s Survey Time Again

It is time to prepare for Contract Negotiations and we need your input to proceed. On Monday, April 3, we will hand out a security-enabled survey form. The survey will ask for the five (5) most important issues you feel the Union is/will be facing in the coming years. Below is a preview of the survey form with tips/instructions.

2917 survey previewClick for larger image


What to Do

  1.  Please list on the survey form (in order of priority) the top five (5) issues you would like to see addressed during Contract Negotiations.

2.  Also please circle which of the listed Union activities you would be willing to engage in if it became necessary to obtain a positive outcome regarding your issues. Those activities are Picket, Strike, Both or None next to each issue.

Note: The results of this Survey is Union proprietary information and should not be shared with anyone outside of this Union!

After completion, please return your survey form to a Shop Steward or Executive Board member. The deadline is April 14th, 2017. The results will be reported to you at the May membership meeting.