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Fort Gordon, Georgia

From 1990 to 1995 several NLRB elections were conducted to organize the then Johnson Controls World Services employees at Fort Gordon GA. Those representation elections were with a number of other unions such as the Teamsters and the IBEW. With the assistance of Local 525 and 526, Mr. William H. Wells and friends successfully organized us with the Transport Workers Union by October 1, 1995.

TWU gets its charterSome key people were instrumental in organizing us and responsible for our maturation as a Local of the Transport Workers Union: Chris Hunt, former Vice President and President of Local 525; Ed Hill, former President of Local 525 and International Representative of the TWU; Don Tempest, former President of Local 526; Bobby Knight, former Vice President of Local 526; Bobby Payne, Shop Steward Local 526.

However, International Vice President, George Roberts had the biggest impact on Local 527. His accessibility and willingness to share knowledge and experience about the Labor movement, collective bargaining and the service contract act was unmeasurable. We also acknowledge the contribution to the successes of Local 527 by William (Bill) H. Wells, our founder and first president. It took a lot of courage to take on the responsibility of bringing in a union for the employees, especially since it took several years before he was successful. He took on the responsibility of being a our president with no prior experience.

Fort Lee, Virginia

In November 2002, we received word from a former member of Local 527 that the employees of Johnson Controls World Services (JCWS) working at Fort Lee wanted to be organized. We contacted George and Steve Roberts who put together a plan to organize our Fort Lee Sisters and Brothers. On April 1, 2003, the men and women ratified their first CBA and became members of Local 527.

Executive Board visits Fort Lee
                            The Executive Board and Fort Lee Section officers at Fort Lee

Fort McCoy, Wisconsin

The Biomedical Technician/Intructors at Fort Gordon and Fort McCoy approached us in late spring 2009 regarding representation. Our current Executive Board member, Shop Steward, and Biomedical Technician/Intructor at Fort Gordon, Harry Merck, spearheaded that effort. The Biomedical Technician/Instructors at Fort Gordon and Fort McCoy were successfully organized into Local 527 on August 29, 2009 and ratified their their first CBA in April 2010.

Fort Gordon Biomedical Technician Instructors
                                Biomedical Techician/Intructors at Fort Gordon

Augusta, Georgia

The bus drivers for Mobility Transit approached us in the spring of 2013. The current contract and employer had an uncertain relationship with local government. They were organized with Local 527 on September 26, 2013 and ratified their first CBA January 19, 2014.

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